Help employees save on the biggest expense of their lives: home ownership.

Save employees 20% or more* on fees when they buy or sell a home, at no cost to your company.
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Save employees money where it really counts.

Most employers offer health insurance and retirement plans to help employees save. But almost no one helps employees save on the much greater cost of homeownership.

With Bundle Select®, employees can save thousands on buying or selling a home, without costing employers a penny.

Monthly cost comparison
        of Health Insurance to Home Ownership

What is Bundle Select®?

We’re a real estate platform and concierge service.

As a real estate platform, we bundle top-rated REALTORS®, lenders, title companies, and relocation services together, saving your employees 20% or more* in transaction fees.

As a concierge service, we guide your employees—at no cost—through their transactions, all the way from signup to “sold”.

What employers are saying:

We've been seeing a lot of interest from our employees. That's not surprising because it makes sense giving employee discounts at no cost to the company or employee. It's a win-win! — Tiffany Starkey Customer & Employee Experience

Meet your concierge.

What if you had an impartial advocate to turn to at every stage of the biggest financial transaction of your life? That's the premise behind our concierge service, your employee's dedicated partner through the entire transaction and relocation process.

Whether you're looking for clarification on obscure real estate protocol or simply want to know "what happens next?", your concierge is only ever a text, phone call, or email away.

Did we mention this is 100% free?


There's a better way.

Moving is stressful—especially when selling a home, buying a new one, or relocating a family. With Bundle Select®, your employees can line up all the services they need in just one phone call.

No matter what your employees need for a smooth move, our concierge team has them covered. And that means HR doesn't have to.

Relocation services can include:
  • Moving services
  • Local market expertise
  • Rental property arrangement and assistance
  • School enrollment assistance

Many benefits. Zero cost.

  • Savings of 20% or more * on bundled real estate services when buying or selling a home

  • Dedicated concierge service

  • Top-rated REALTORS®, lenders, and title companies with any bundle

  • Refinancing

  • Complimentary one-on-one consultation

  • A priority 800 # for employees

  • Discounts on moving services

  • Personalized relocation services

  • Complimentary real estate financing pre-approval

  • Complimentary group educational webinars

Let the savings begin.

Start saving your employees money now, at zero cost to you.
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Here's how bundling works.

  1. We pre-negotiate savings of 20%* or more from top REALTORS®, lenders, title companies, and relocation services.

  2. When an employee signs up, we tailor a bundle to meet the specific needs of their transaction.

  3. The employee works directly with an expert Bundle Select® concierge until the transaction is 100% complete.

  4. By charging fees to our preferred providers, we keep our concierge service free to employers and employees.

Confused about real estate?

We have you covered.

At the heart of every real estate transaction lies the REALTOR®. An expert in local market conditions, they negotiate on your employee’s behalf and settle the finer details of the transaction.

With Bundle Select®:

You'll partner with a top REALTOR® without having to call around, ask friends, and research online.

Without Bundle Select®:

You'd have to track down a great REALTOR® for yourself. You hope to receive consistent service.


Most buyers need a loan when purchasing a home, which a lender provides at interest. A good lender or mortgage broker explores the lendee’s options and tailors a solution for them.

With Bundle Select®:

You'll work with a lender without having to hunt one down yourself. Even better, this lender charges fewer fees than in a typical transaction, while still offering competitive rates.

Without Bundle Select®:

You'll need to track down your own lender, often by calling multiple banks and mortgage brokers until you find one you like. Plus the lender charges full fees.

Title & Escrow
Title & Closing

The title company typically handles the escrow account in a transaction, ensuring that the funds change hands at the right moment.

With Bundle Select®:

We source only the best title and closing companies for you.


From moving furniture to enrolling children into new schools, relocation services help handle the nitty-gritty of transplanting into a new community.

With Bundle Select®:

We not only bundle this service for your convenience, but also negotiate discounts to save you money.

Without Bundle Select®:

In addition to lost savings, this becomes just one more service you need to track down and manage yourself.

Start saving NOW.

Save your employees money without spending a cent.

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